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The Top 10 Best Molcajetes

Native Mexican cooking heavily relies on the process of grinding rather than cutting. If you are a Mexican foodie and would like to recreate Mexican dishes in the comfort of your home, owning a molcajete is a must-have tool for your kitchen. Regardless of what you are cooking, even if it’s not Mexican food, having a molcajete in your kitchen will definitely help you in some way.

But before we begin our review of the best molcajetes, let’s first take a look at its history and function.

What is a Molcajete?

A molcajete is a traditional Mexican tool used for grinding and mashing food. It’s somewhat like a mortar and pestle, but typically larger and with a rougher surface. Molcajetes are often used to make salsas and guacamole, as they can crush and mix ingredients very effectively.

The molcajete is usually made from basalt, a type of volcanic rock. This rock is ideal because it’s hard enough to grind food but has enough roughness to help in the grinding process. Over time, the molcajete’s surface gets seasoned with the flavors of the foods that have been ground in it, which can enhance the taste of dishes prepared in it.

Before a molcajete is used for the first time, it’s traditionally seasoned by grinding a mixture of rice and water or rock salt in it. This helps to smooth out the interior a bit and removes any small bits of stone left from the carving process.

The word “molcajete” comes from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, and means “sauce bowl.” The term “molcajete” is sometimes used to refer to a dish served in a small molcajete, such as guacamole or a certain kind of salsa.

If you are one of those who would like to make your sauces, salsa, and guacamole from scratch, owning a molcajete is a must. Here are the best molcajetes on the market today.


Buy the Best Molcajetes of 2023

Best Molcajetes

1. IMUSA Super Heavy Traditional Granite Molcajete

IMUSA is one of the more prominent and reliable ethnic brands in Latin America. This molcajete is made from durable and long-lasting granite. This mortar and pestle duo are excellent in extracting essential oils from herbs and spices down to the very last drop. Since the main material is non-porous in nature, the extracts will not be absorbed into the tools.

The round edges of the tejolote (pestle) is ideal for crushing small and hard seeds and spices. It is a great tool to use when making sauces and dips, too. With 10 pounds of pure granite, it’s going to be very easy to crush any type of sturdy ingredients without any unnecessary movements. The stability of this molcajete is a dream, especially for those who use it in professional kitchens.

It also has a flawless and simple design that is absolutely stunning on any kitchen countertop. The cleaning and maintenance of the bowl is simple and straightforward. Due to its relatively large size and dimensions, it can be used to prepare large batches of spices, sauces, and dips.

2. Vasconia 4-Cup Granite Molcajete

The Vasconia 4-Cup Granite Molcajete is exactly what you need to create authentic and delicious traditional recipes at home. This beautiful device will provide you with perfectly grounded herbs and spices each and every time. As the name implies, this beautiful molcajete has a four-cup capacity, which means you can prepare big batches of salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole.

Due to the sturdy nature of this product, you can easily grind hard seeds, spices, and seeds. It is also an excellent tool for making baby food since you can easily mash up fruits in it. Apart from the simple and elegant design, the Vasconia 4-cup granite molcajete is easy to wash, so you don’t have to worry about spending a long time scrubbing it clean.

3. RSVP Authentic Mexican Molcajete

The RSVP Authentic Mexican Molcajete is perfect if you want an authentic product to crush spices and herbs for your favorite salsa recipe. Unlike other molcajetes, the RSVP developed a model carved from volcanic stone. Unlike granite molcajetes that have smooth interiors, this molcajete is inherently rough which delivers the right amount of friction and abrasion perfect for grinding herbs and spices.

It’s very large as well, so you don’t have to do multiple grinding to prepare salsas and guacamoles for a large party at home. The RSVP Authentic Mexican Molcajete comes with a user manual as well as a cleaning manual to ensure longevity.

4. Umien Granite Mortar and Pestle Set

If you want to take your home-cooked recipes to the next level and impress family and friends with your dishes, you need to get your hands on the Umien Granite Mortar and Pestle Set. This set is an absolute feast for the eyes. It looks gorgeous and elegant. It boasts a polished exterior, giving it a fantastic finish.

The non-porous surface ensures that extracts are not absorbed into the material which can influence the flavor of your dishes. This mortar is carved from natural granite, which ensures both durability and optimized functionality. It’s one of the best mortar and pestle sets for preparing dishes that involve crushing, grinding, mashing and mixing of grains and herbs.
It is easy to use and even easier to clean, too! Some traditional grinders are a chore to clean. This molcajete from Umien is easy to clean. Simply hand wash the items and dry them completely and you can re-use it as often as you need.

5. Ancient Cookware Lava Stone Molcajete

For that authentic Mexican feel in your kitchen, buying the Ancient Cookware Lava Stone Molcajete is the best way to do it. The rough texture of its interior offers excellent friction that is needed for grinding hard seeds and spices.
It is made from 100% organic materials, so you don’t have to worry about contaminating your sauces and dips with harmful toxins and chemicals. It has a large interior and an extra deep bowl to prepare recipes in bulk. The tejolote comes in an ergonomic semi-cylindrical design which allows for maximum ease of use.

6. TLP Molcajete Handmade Mexican Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle are useful culinary devices that allow you to create many wonderful dishes, which makes it a must-have in the kitchen. If you are the type of cook who wants to prepare ingredients from scratch, it’s time for you to get yourself a set.

With this product, you can create sauces, spices, and marinades using raw ingredients, so you can be sure to extract the best flavor and quality in every batch.

The design of the TLP Molcajete Handmade Mexican Mortar and Pester allows you to grind and mash ingredients with little effort. It features a reasonable size and dimension, which means you can whip up medium to large batches of salsa and other Mexican staples at one go.

What makes the TLP Molcajete Handmade Mexican Mortar and Pestle an excellent choice is that it is 100% handmade. You can rest assured that artisans with a high skill level ensure the quality and functionality of this product.

7. Gramercy Kitchen Company Unpolished Mortar and Pestle Set

The Gramercy Kitchen Company Unpolished Mortar and Pestle Set is exactly what your kitchen needs to create authentic and traditional Mexican dishes at home. This model weighs five pounds, so you enjoy sturdiness and stability when working with solid seeds and hard spices. The pestle comes with a wide, broad head that facilitates easy and faster mashing and grinding of ingredients. The pestle is also relatively longer than other models from competing brands, which means your knuckles won’t be banging against the side of the mortar while you work on preparing the ingredients.

The design is both beautiful and functional. Gramercy Kitchen Company successfully creates a mortar that is deep enough to prepare many ingredients at one time. The grooved interior means that ingredients will be grounded and mashed more efficiently and at a faster rate, too. The bottom portion comes with a non-scratch, skid-proof pad that protects your countertop, too.

8. Winco Molcajete Salsa Bowl

Winco has always been a trustworthy and dependable brand in the Latin American culinary world. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, it is one of the staple brands that you see in most Mexican households and even professional kitchens. Their molcajete salsa bowl looks similar to those that you typically see in Mexican restaurants. When you finally have one, you will add that authentic and traditional Mexican feel in your kitchen, too.

The Winco Molcajete Salsa Bowl is multipurpose. It functions primarily as a mortar that you can use to prepare traditional Mexican dips and sauces. The deep bowl ensures that you don’t splatter the ingredients on the counter during preparation. It may also be used as a serving bowl not only for salsa but also for other dips such as guacamole, dips, and even hot and cold appetizers.

What makes the Winco Molcajete Salsa Bowl unique is that it is made from highly-durable BPA-free plastic resin, which will keep your dips and sauces in perfect serving temperature. The material also ensures that your dishes keep their aroma and taste intact.
The Winco Molcajete Salsa Bowl comes in a uniquely beautiful design and accommodates up to 56 ounces, enough space for individual-sized appetizers and sauces. Unlike traditional mortars, the Winco Molcajete Bowl is break-resistant, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, too.

9. Ebuns Mortar and Pestle Set

The Ebuns Mortar and Pestle Set is made from 100% solid granite, which means that you can use it for a multitude of food preparations, including grinding and mashing of herbs and spices. The polished granite interior delivers ample abrasion and friction that facilitates easy and fast crushing of tough and solid ingredients.

The granite material means that you don’t have to worry about the development of rust and deterioration of the material over time. It is heavy and sturdy. Granite is not brittle like ceramic and other traditional mortar material, so you don’t have to be careful when using strong force. You can rest assured that the material will not crack after many years of use.

The Ebuns Mortar and Pestle Set has a perfect size which makes it a highly versatile and flexible kitchen device. The interior portion of the molcajete features just the right amount of roughness to hold ingredients in place for easy, fast, and hassle-free crushing.

10. Culinary Couture Granite Molcajete

Culinary Couture delivers the ultimate granite molcajete for effective crushing of herbs and spices. It is your go-to device if you need to create fresh sauces and dips with unique traditional flavors and aroma. The non-porous material means that the flavors do not seep through the material which may influence the flavors of other dishes that you prepare using it.

This stunning mortar and pestle set is made from superior quality granite and comes in a stylishly dark design, which makes it a simple and yet elegant kitchen countertop décor when not in use.

Premium Molcajetes Brands You Should Know

  1. Vasconia: Known for their 4-Cup Granite Molcajete Mortar and Pestle.
  2. RSVP International: Their products are often sold under the brand name “RSVP Authentic Mexican Molcajete.”
  3. Imusa: Their Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder is a popular choice.
  4. Chefsofi: Among their diverse offerings, the brand showcases a range of mortar and pestle sets in various sizes. Additionally, they craft exceptional cheese and charcuterie board sets that have garnered much acclaim.
  5. Kitchendise: Apart from the granite molcajete, the company presents a delightful assortment of porcelain mugs featuring captivating ombre colors.

Remember, when buying a molcajete, you should look for one made from a single piece of stone, as those made from several pieces bonded together can potentially break apart over time. Authentic molcajetes are typically made from basalt (lava rock) and can be distinguished from less-durable materials such as granite or marble.


Now that you have a deeper understanding of the great features of traditional molcajetes, you may now proceed to choose the one that fits your needs and style. The quality of materials, as well as the size and dimensions, are major selling points that you need to take into consideration when shopping online. The quality and ergonomic design of the pestle is also a consideration, given that it enables users to drive the right amount of force and intensity in the pounding, mashing, and grinding of ingredients, too.

It’s versatile and functional. Sturdy with an intelligent design. Molcajetes are truly a unique kitchen tool. Especially if you want to prepare authentic Mexican dishes and meals at the comfort of your own home.