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Best Tacos in Cancun

Cancun is famous for its amazing beaches and clear water, but did you know there are also amazing taco places (called “taquerias”). Honestly I am not a big fan of Cancun, but I had some of the best tacos ever here. Since there is an infinite number of Cancun restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to find the best places.

At these places you can enjoy great tacos de pastor, together with a cool beer (we really like the Modelo beer). Let get started with listing our top 3 favorite taquerias in the hotel zone of Cancun. Afterwards, we will also discuss some amazing taco places in the center of the city.

Top 3 Taquerias in Cancun (Hotel Zone)

1. Taqueria Los Chacalacos

This relatively new taco spot is known for its unique Chilango style, delivering exceptional dishes with the unmistakable flavor that only true Chilangos can master. The 90s-inspired decor, unparalleled spices, excellent service, and generous portions will have you coming back for more. They are famous for selling amazing tacos de pastor! This restaurant has become very popular over the years. Currently they expanded to 5 different restaurants.

2. Tacos y Tequila

Tacos from Tacos y Tequila in Cancun

One of my favorite places, with an amazing view of the ocean. Experts in crafting delicious Margaritas and delicious Mexican meals. Their freshly made corn tortillas are a highlight, served hot off the griddle by experienced tortilla makers. Don’t miss their freshly made salsas and mouthwatering al Pastor dishes, all while enjoying the breathtaking view of Nichupté Lagoon. For taco and tequila enthusiasts, check out our Cancun Taco Tour, which includes complimentary tequila tastings when booked online.

3. Tacun

Located near Plaza Flamingos, Tacun invites diners to experience authentic Mexican flavors through its outstanding tacos, especially their chorizo tacos and signature tacos al pastor. With very reasonable prices and a cozy, folkloric interior, it’s the perfect spot for a quick and satisfying meal.

Let me know if you need any more suggestions!

Tip: Please visit the taco places in the center too. There’s amazing places where you can eat local tacos that might be less touristic (and cheaper) than in the hotel zone.

Top Taquerias in Cancun (Centro)

In the center of Cancun there are some amazing taco places too. We feel this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some taco places from ”el centro” as well.

I haven’t tried that many places yet in the center of Cancun. These are two taco places I really LOVED in the center.

1. Taqueria Coapenitos

We were randomly looking for a good taco place and chose this one because of the proximity to our hostels (Nomadas hostel). The steak tacos were very delicious .They have their own special tacos called Taco Coapenitos. All tacos came with 4 different salsas from normal to spicy.

The prices are also very affordable (around 30-40 pesos for one). The staff was very helpful too and they offered us excellent suggestions.

2. El Polilla

This is a small taco place, and also considered a hidden gem! It’s very famous with the Cancun locals for the best carnitas tacos (pulled pork). If you want a quick meal and buy delicious tacos or refreshment in the center, this is the place to be!

One taco costs about 25 pesos and will you fill up really good! If you’re tired of paying USA prices in Mexico and looking for a more local place, definitely go to this taqueria.