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Boing Drinks & Sodas

Boing drinks are sodas with natural fruit flavors created by the company Pascual Boing. These drinks are non-carbonated and have a high-quality fruit process selection. It has a rich and refreshing flavor. Boing sodas are a lot healthier than other carbonated sodas on the market and are ideal for people that want a healthier diet. Similar drinks like Jarritos are its main competitor in the Mexican beverage market.

Boing Full Product List

Boing has different sodas on the market with a lot of different fruit flavors. The available flavors include mango, strawberry, apple, grape, orange, pineapple and guava. Occasionally the company adds new products and flavors.

Here we will discuss all these flavors and products in a bit more detail.


Usually, when ordered in restaurants, you will receive the soft drink in bottles. In our experience, the taste is a little better when it’s bottled. This refreshing drink is made from 100% Mexican fruit pulp and it’s popular because of its natural flavor. It’s very nutritional and is enriched with vitamins A, B1, and C.

Our favorite flavor (spoiler, it’s orange) you can buy here!

BOING! DRINK IN CARTON (34 OZ or 1 liters)

These carton boxes contain 1 liter of your favorite flavor of Boing! drink. Usually, the carton boxes can be found in supermarkets. Restaurants will usually choose the bottled version. Although it’s best served cold, the drink does not need refrigeration until it’s opened. These boxes also come in different flavors such as strawberry, mango, grape, guava, tamarind, apple and peach.

BOING! 6 Pack Bottles with Mixed Flavors (8 OZ)

If you like to try a wide variety of different flavors, then you might by a 6-pack with different flavors. Usually it has 3 different flavors and 2 bottles of the same flavor. The first time we drank Boing we bought a 6-pack as we didn’t know what flavors we would prefer. We now know that mango is our flavor! Having a party with multiple people but don’t want to drink tequila? Then, a 6-pack could also be a solution!

The below image consists out of 3 flavors, Mango, Guava and Strawberry.

Who makes Boing Drinks?

The Sociedad Cooperativa Pascual makes the Boing! soft drinks. It’s a Mexican soft drink manufacturer, mainly known for Boing! and Lulu brands. It started their operations in 1940 in Mexico City. Besides soft drinks, it also produces fruit pulp, juices, nectars and milk. The company currently employs over 5000 people. Since that time it has been one of the market leaders in the production of fruit drinks. No matter which city you visit in Mexico, you will find this soft drink somewhere.

Besides Mexico, the drink can also be found in the United States, Jamaica, Spain, Ireland and Cuba. The company has an excellent strategy when it comes to exporting products. Sociedad Cooperativa Pascual has a partnership with GPS Imports Inc. They are the authorized importer and distributor of Boing! and Pascual’s other products.


Boing! is a very popular soft drink in Mexico. It’s also one of the more popular fruity soft drinks in the soda industry. We would definitely recommend you to try it if you ever visit Mexico. Even in the USA, you should be able to find Boing drinks easily in the supermarket or at some Mexican restaurants.