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Modelo Beer is currently owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. In the universe of beers, there are many stars that shine brightly and capture our taste buds. Modelo is one such star, a beer whose popularity extends far beyond its birthplace in Mexico. But do you ever wonder who makes Modelo beer? If so, then read on. … Read more

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Boing drinks are sodas with natural fruit flavors created by the company Pascual Boing. These drinks are non-carbonated and have a high-quality fruit process selection. It has a rich and refreshing flavor. Boing sodas are a lot healthier than other carbonated sodas on the market and are ideal for people that want a healthier diet. … Read more

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Champurrado is a chocolate-based atole, a warm and thick Mexican drink prepared with masa de maíz, masa harina or cornmeal; Piloncillo; milk or water; and it can occasionally contain cinnamon, aniseed or vanilla as well. When people talk about ”champurrado” or ”çhocolate atole”, you now know that they are talking about the same drink. It … Read more

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