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Cuisine: Mexican  Rice pudding remains to be a favorite dish around the world. The Arroz Con Leche is a sweet variation of rice pudding prepared for Mexican cuisine and a famous and classic for many Mexican people. This recipe will only need most of your pantry staples to get ready. It is made with simple … Read more

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Sauces and salsas are vital condiments for culinary practices, and the classic salsa verde is a significant staple sauce in almost any Mexican kitchen or home. This “green sauce” is an excellent choice when preparing enchiladas and a perfect topping for carne asada tacos. Being a versatile sauce, it works very well with eggs too. … Read more

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Cuisine: Mexican Chicken tinga is a traditional Mexican-style taco or tostada filling with a robust savory and smoky flavor. It is prepared using the chipotle tomato sauce that is rich in flavor and spicy together with sliced onions.  The sauce gives the chicken tinga its bright red color and a delicious taste. You will find … Read more

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