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Jarritos Mexican Soda

Chances are if you’ve ever been to Mexico, you tried Jarritos. It’s one of Mexico’s most popular sodas. This soft drink was founded in Mexico in the year 1950 by Don Francisco “El Güero” Hill. Today, it is owned by Novamex, which is also the leading importer and marketer of Mexican soft drinks and groceries in the U.S.  The company is based in Guadalajara, Jalisco and is property of the Hill & ac. Co.

Jarritos is made in fruit flavors (a total of 16 flavors exist – see below). Our team at Mexico Meal loves Jarritos because it’s less carbonated and has a more natural flavor than popular soft drinks.

What kind of Jarritos flavors are there?

There are a lot of different flavors of Jarritos. Some of the fruits have some strange names and I have never heard of them before. In total, there are 16 different flavors of Jarritos. Two of those are ”light” flavors and they also have Jarritos mineral water, which we also included.

Some of these flavors are hard to find, but these are all the flavors that exist. Here we are going to list them up for your convenience.

Full overview of the different flavors

11 Different Jarritos Flavors

  1. Jamaica
  2. Mexican cola
  3. Grapefruit
  4. Tamarind
  5. Tamarind Light
  6. Strawberry
  7. Mandarin
  8. Mandarin Light
  9. Lime
  10. Guava
  11. Fruit punch
  12. Pineapple
  13. Mango
  14. Watermelon
  15. Apple
  16. Mineral Water

Since my favorite fruits are pineapple and mango, these are the two that I most frequently drink. Both drinks have a very natural and sweet taste in my opinion. I like these sodas a lot better than the American carbonated sodas from brands like Coca Cola or Fanta. If you want to try a similar Mexican soda from a different brand, you should try Boing soda drink.

History of the Soft Drink

As mentioned in the introduction, Jarritos was founded in 1950, about 70 years ago. It was the first national soft drink brand in Mexico. Later, they changed the soft drink industry’s standards by offering a larger 400 ml bottle with a coffee-flavored drink.

The first Jarritos flavor was Tamarindo. After they launched the first Jarritos in Mexico City, Francisco Hill developed a unique process. He was able to remove tamarind juice extract to create the first tamarind-flavored soft drink in Mexico.

After this initial success,  Hill followed with Lemon, Mandarin and Fruit Punch flavors. He quickly gained a larger market share and Jarritos became the national soft drink of Mexico.

Exports to the United States began in 1989. According to the book Mexico Greatest Brands (edition 2009), 6000 bottles of Jarritos are shipped across the border each minute. Not each day, but each MINUTE!

Where does the name Jarritos come from?

Jarrito (singular of ”jarritos”) is a Spanish word that means “little jug”. It refers to the Mexican tradition of drinking water and other drinks in clay pottery jugs. Today, the Jarritos brand is one of Mexico’s most popular exported soft drinks throughout the Americas. The soft drink comes in 12.5 and 20-ounce glass and plastic as well as 1.5-liter bottles. It’s also possible to buy a six pack of sodas.