Top 5 Best Mexican Beers

You know you’re in Mexico when you’re sipping on one of the many different types of beer that have become synonymous with the country over the years. Whether it’s a light, refreshing cerveza or an ice-cold margarita, there’s no doubt that Mexican beer will be playing a role in your day down south. These are the top five mexican beers you should be drinking while traveling through Mexico!

1. Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial

One of the top-selling beers in Mexico, Modelo Especial also happens to be one of our favorites. Light, refreshing and clean with a hint of citrus flavor, Modelo Especial is brewed using a special blend of hops for a crisp finish that we’ve been coming back to again and again. It’s most often served on tap or in bottles, but can be enjoyed straight from its signature red cans as well. While it might not win any awards for creativity or style, it will surely score high marks on your taste buds. And when you’re looking for a beer you can drink all day without getting too drunk or hungover afterward, look no further than Modelo Especial.

2. Pacifico Clara

Pacifico Clara

This light pilsner style beer has a spicy aroma and flavor that comes from Cascade hops, which are grown locally in Mexico. The refreshing taste makes it an easy drinking beer on hot days, and it pairs well with many types of food. It’s also a great beer to make into cocktails or use in cooking.

3. Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo

This porter-style beer is brewed by Mexico’s oldest brewery and has been around since 1925. Negra Modelo translates to black model and it is said that it was named after an old racehorse from their stables, who was a brown horse with black stripes. The dark color of Negra Modelo comes from roasted malts and its malty flavor comes mostly from hops grown in Popocatépetl, one of Mexico’s most famous volcanoes. It’s best served at cellar temperature (50–55 °F or 10–13 °C) and goes great with traditional mexican dishes like mole sauce and red chile enchiladas as well as more conventional meals.

4. Dos Equis Lager

Dos Equis Lager

If you’re looking for a traditional, smooth Mexican beer, one of your best bets is Corona Extra. This clean, easy-drinking pilsner tastes best served ice cold and pairs well with spicy food or fresh lime. Corona Extra’s unique bottle design adds to its allure. This lager has been brewed since 1925 and is produced by Grupo Modelo in Mexico.

5. Corona Extra

Corona Extra

Light, crisp and refreshing with a hint of fruitiness, Corona is one of Mexico’s most famous beers. It’s also one of my personal favorites; drinking a Corona on a hot day in Mexico is as good as it gets. This beer is usually associated with beach vacations, but I like to think that it can be enjoyed all year round for any number of reasons!

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